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ULM Online student learning onlineLearning online can be an excellent experience, but it does take some planning and dedication from the learner.  The material presented in the online course is the same quality as the material in the face to face course, but in an electronic format.  Here are some tips to maximize your online learning experience.

1. Set yourself up for success - keep and maintain a calendar.

It's very important that as online student you're self-motivated and self-disciplined.  Students must remember to keep up with assignments and due dates.  Each course provides students with a syllabus and course schedule at the beginning of each semester, please refer back to these documents frequently.  

Online Resource: My Homework Application https://myhomeworkapp.com/ - This application will help you organize your homework assignments, set alarms/reminders, and even color code assignments for you.  The best part about the application is that it's a free resource for you to use and available for your iPhone, Android, Kindle, Windows 8 PC, or through the website.

2. "Speak up" - You're your own best advocate!

As an online learner it's important that you "speak up" when you have a question or concern about the course or course content.  It's the learner's responsibility to voice concerns to the instructor. Instructors will provide a variety of communication channels for the student to stay in touch. 

3. Stay Connected, Stay Active.

It's really important that you have almost unlimited internet access.  Students should be able to access the course material and warhawk e-mails on a daily basis.  Announcements, e-mails, and all other course communication will take place online.  If internet access is unreliable it may be hard for you to complete assignments and participate in the course. Participating in the online classroom is a must, it will enhance the student's experience, may help fellow classmates, and show the instructor the intention to do well in the course.  

Students should be well versed in online etiquette, often referred to as "nettiquette".  It's important that students are willing to share their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge on course topics in a respectful manner. Course interaction should promote community, so it's important to think about what is written group communication, forum posts and responses, and e-mails.

Online Resource: The Core Rules of Nettiquette http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html - This website provides some essential rules to keep in mind while interacting online.

4.  Think Outside the Classroom.

Learning Online is different than an in classroom experience, but the material covered, participation required, and the study time is the same.  Students should be prepared to spend 5-18 hours a week on school work depending on course load.  The University of Louisiana at Monroe is proud to offer quality courses and programs that are accredited.  Courses are rigorous and will prepare students to reach their education and career goals. 

5. Believe You Can!

A key factor in success in online learning is believing that you can do it.  Most of our students are people with full lives and responsibilities, juggling families, full time jobs, and other major life events. Take the plunge and apply today!