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What are proctored exams?

Proctored exams are tests where students are monitored in some way while taking the exam. Traditionally, proctored exams are done under direct supervision of the instructor or in a testing center and those options are not always feasible or practical.

You have three options when deciding how you would like your ULM Online exams proctored.

1. Use the virtual proctoring
service, ProctorU.

2. Schedule an on-campus proctoring session through ULM Online (contact Jessica Griggs, mckee@ulm.edu). Appointments must be made at the beginning of the semester and fall within the examination window and normal business hours.

3. Schedule your own proctoring session through an approved testing center (approval and schedule are handled by Jessica Griggs – mckee@ulm.edu).

ProctorU proctoring will cost $19.75/120 minute-exam. As a student enrolled in a ULM Online math course, you will have to incur this expense for your midterm exam and your final exam. Proctoring appointments should be made at least 72 hours in advance of your proctoring time. If you do not schedule your exam 72 hours prior to taking your exam you will be subject to late fees determined by ProctorU.


Should you choose option 3, an acceptable proctor is someone who meets one of the following criteria:

Co-workers, personal friends, relatives, tutors, neighbors, personal advisors, (anyone with a potential conflict of interest) are not permissible. Your proctor must have a legitimate institutional, military, or business email address and office phone number.

SACS requires students be informed of any fees associated with the verification of student identity, such as proctoring fees or the purchase of a webcam. 

Students enrolled in ULM Online math or medical laboratory science courses will be required to schedule two proctored exams during the course in which they enrolled. Students may incur a fee depending on the proctoring method selected.



About ProctorU Proctoring 

Online Proctoring: How it works from ProctorU on Vimeo.