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Required OT-Related Activities for Application to the OTA Program

Students must complete each of the following activities. Documentation of each activity and verification signatures and information must be completed and must follow the format described below.

NOTE: The OTA Program strongly recommends that the observation hours and interview be performed outside of the Monroe/West Monroe area whenever possible so that the limited number of local practitioners will not be overwhelmed with requests. For this reason, students who live in out-of-town/state areas should  plan to do their observations in those areas during University breaks and holidays.

Students who live in out-of-town areas should plan to do their observations in those areas during university break periods or holidays.

Questions for Interviewing OT Practitioners

1. Why did you choose the profession of occupational therapy?

2. Describe your typical work day?

3. What type of clients do you work with?

4. What type of treatment activities do you use in your sessions?

5. What other settings have you worked in?

6. What is the least favorite part of your job?

7. Based on your experiences, what personality traits do you feel are important in a person who is interested in the OT profession?

Remember: Documention and Signature Verification Required

Signature verifications and contact information for EACH activity must be completed using the provided "Verification Form for Required Activities."