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Occupational Therapy

OTA Application Process    

  1. Begin completing the required OT activities to be documented and included in the portfolio.
  2. Construct portfolio using the guidelines provided. NOTE: Submission of the portfolio includes a $55.00 application fee receipt and a passport-type photograph.  
  3. Submit portfolio to the Occupational Therapy Department, located in Caldwell 111, no later than April 1 at 12:00 noon. If April 1 falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date will be 12:00 noon on the last school day prior to April 1. LATE PORTFOLIOS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.    
  4.  Monitor the OTA Web site for announcements regarding the dates for the on-campus interviews and writing sessions.      

NOTE:Applicants who acknowledge a felony conviction are warned that the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy and Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners may bar persons with a felony record from taking the certification examination or from state licensure.


You may contact these organizations for further information:   

National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT)
      (an Early Determination review is available)   

Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners


If you have any questions regarding these procedures for completing the application process, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Perodeau at 318-342-1769 or perodeau@ulm.edu. 

Notification of Admission Status

Letters will be sent based on ranking offering either admission, placement on an alternate list, or non-acceptance. Those who are accepted must respond in writing accepting admission according to the guidelines provided in the letter sent.

Individual advising will be provided for those students not accepted into the professional program, in order to plan for the student's success in meeting their academic goals. 

No information about admissions will be given out, except by letter to the student. 


Preparation for Fall Semester

For Fall registration, all students should plan two schedules or plans of action that would accommodate either acceptance or non-acceptance. Adjustments to summer and/or fall schedules can be made through online registration as soon as admission status is determined.

Student Withdrawal of Application

If the student chooses to withdraw their application for any reason, this withdrawal must be made in writing to the Occupational Therapy office.