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Welcome to the Office of Experiential Programs at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. The Office of Experiential Education is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the pharmacy practice experience component of the curriculum. The experiential component is designed to integrate, apply, reinforce, and advance the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values developed through the other components of the curriculum.

Experiential education comprises approximately 30% of the curriculum and includes both Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. During the first two years of the professional program, students will participate in Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs). Students will complete a 4-week Introductory Community experience during the summer following the first professional year and a 4-week Introductory Institutional experience during the summer following the second professional year.

During the final year of the professional program, students will participate in seven 6-week Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). Of these seven experiences, four are required (Advanced Community, Advanced Institutional, Ambulatory Care, Acute General Medicine) and three are electives.

Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

The mission of the Office of Experiential Education (OEE) is to provide students with high-quality pharmacy practice experiences that allow them to provide patient-centered care to diverse populations in a dynamic and changing health care system. 


Our vision is to develop pharmacists who are caring, empathetic, ethical practitioners who provide excellent patient care and distinguish themselves, the profession, and the ULM College of Pharmacy.


The strategic decisions and daily operations of the Office of Experiential Education will be reflective of the following values:

    • Integrity and honor
    • Diversity and respect for all individuals
    • Selfless service to our patients, profession, and community
    • Empathetic, ethical and quality patient care delivery
    • Intellectual excellence through continuous professional development and life-long learning


In addition to the values stated above, we have set the following goals:

    • Promote the mission of the College by identifying, developing and utilizing innovative and inter-professional practice sites throughout the state of Louisiana.
    • Reinforce the knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities, and behaviors learned in the classroom and laboratory settings.
    • Expose students to common contemporary U.S. practice models that increase in complexity as the students mature in their knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities and behaviors.
    • Develop pharmacy practice experiences that prepare our students to be both “practice-ready” and “team-ready” by providing direct patient care while working in collaboration with other health care providers.
    • Create innovative learning opportunities using technology to provide preceptor education and development.
    • Endorse a high level of competence and continuous professional development of our preceptors through preceptor development, assessment, and collaboration.
    • Use technology to assess student professionalism, documentation of drug-related problem interventions, exposure to population health issues and continued development of professional competencies.


Collect and evaluate data and make changes as needed to maintain a standards and outcome driven assessment program for the OEE.



Current Students and Preceptors

Current students and preceptors can find more detailed information about our program in CORE ELMS.  In the document section you will find Preceptor and Student manuals containing information about our pharmacy practice experiences, including our mission and vision, course objectives, required assignments, evaluations, as well as other important information.  


If you do not remember your login name or password, you can click on the Forgot your Password? link under the login box or contact the Office of Experiential education at 318-342-1215 for assistance.


Preceptor Resources and Benefits

Library Access

    • APhA Pharmacy Library - PharmacyLibrary features content from APhA's authoritative textbooks, an interactive NAPLEX® review, a collection of 250 Active Learning Exercises, case studies, article abstracts from the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, and a variety of news sources.
    • LWW Health Library-Integrated Pharmacy Collection - LWW Health Library meets the needs of pharmacy educators and institutions by providing a single portal to foundational and clinical science content, as well as rich multimedia ancillaries for teaching and learning. At a time when curricula are evolving, teaching time is condensed and faculty must integrate case studies and clinical skill-building from day one, LWW responds by delivering the authoritative content you trust in the format you and your students need.
    • Micromedex 2.0 - Micromedex 2.0 includes more than thirty items of drug information, including three books on over-the-counter and prescription drug monographs (one focused on pediatric and neonatal patients); one herbal monograph source; books focusing on pregnancy and lactation, poisoning or toxicology, laboratory tests, evidence-based information on diseases, and new drugs and drugs in development; the Physician's Desk Reference; RED BOOK (drug pricing); patient care handouts; and interactive tools including twenty clinical calculators, oral or topical drug interactions, intravenous compatibility, and pill identification. 
    • Facts & Comparisons eAnswers - Facts & Comparisons provides an interactive online drug application with updated drug information to assist with comparing prescription drugs, drug interaction screening, drug identification, and more. 


Preceptor NewsletterAccess to our bi-annual newsletter, ULM Preceptor, to keep you up-to-date and in communication with the Office of Experiential Education.


Continuing EducationThe College of Pharmacy strives to help you enhance your clinical and teaching skills through free continuing education.  As a preceptor you will have access to free continuing education and resources from the Collaborative Education Institute (CEI).  You will also receive live continuing education annually at our Preceptor Conference.


Preceptor RecognitionEach year the College of Pharmacy recognizes preceptors for excellence in experiential teaching of student pharmacists. These awards are based on student feedback during practice experiences.  We believe that preceptors deserve to be recognized and acknowledged for their contribution to pharmacy education.


Interested in becoming a Preceptor?

Thank you for your interest in precepting students for ULM College of Pharmacy.  Preceptors are vital role models in the education of pharmacy students and their role cannot be overemphasized.  Practice experiences must be completed in a permitted practice site under the supervision of a pharmacist with no less than two years of experience as a licensed pharmacist.  A small percentage of qualified non-pharmacist preceptors may be used for elective rotations. Students shall not practice in a permitted pharmacy site that is on probation with the Board of Pharmacy nor under the supervision of a pharmacist whose license is on probation with the Board. 


Preceptors qualify to participate in the program by meeting and adhering to standards set by the College of Pharmacy and its Experiential Committee.  Application to become a ULM preceptor and an experiential practice site involves the following steps: 

    1. Preceptor Application submitted to the Office of Experiential Education             
    2. Affiliation Agreement with College of Pharmacy (Once the preceptor application has been received and processed, you will receive an affiliation agreement from the College of Pharmacy.) 


To become a preceptor for our program, fill out the preceptor application and submit.  The Office of Experiential Education will contact you with additional information.  If you have any questions please contact Karin Ryan, RPh at or 318-342-3271.

For more information contact:

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