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ULM Pharmacy Alumni Liaisons

The Pharmacy Alumni Liaisons (or PALs for short) is a group of students selected to be the representatives of the ULM School of Pharmacy. We are the first face you see and the first smile you get when you come to an event at, or hosted by, the School of Pharmacy. We give tours to prospective students of all ages (high school, undergraduate, transfer, etc.), we host alumni events, and we make sure the community knows that the ULM SOP is a great place to be. The PALs are the perfect group to connect the past and the future of our wonderful program. 

If you would like to join PALs, applications are accepted at the beginning of each fall semester. Please e-mail all 2017-2018 applications to pals@ulm.edu by Friday, September 15th, 2017


PALs application


President Kelsi Sullivan
Vice President Brett Lambert