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Virtual PharmFUTURE - November 6, 2020

Spend a day with the ULM College of Pharmacy and experience pharmacy student life. Work in our lab and classrooms, and meet our professional pharmacy students and faculty. Discover exciting and diverse job opportunities for pharmacists. Learn how to prepare for pharmacy school as well as some tips on acceptance and success!  This event is open to high school juniors and seniors, as well as college students.  

Registration for student is now OPEN

Event Reminders:


•  Find out if pharmacy is right for you!

•  Receive tips and guidance on how to prepare for your education and career in pharmacy practice.

•  Meet our professional students and faculty members


Schedule of events: (Printable version)

8:00 - Welcome/Promo Video

8:15 - Overview of Day

8:20 - Why Pharmacy

8:30 - Pharmacy in Practice

9:00 - What Students WANT to Know

9:30 - Financial Aid

10:00 - Faculty Spotlight Video

10:15 - Virtual Video Tour

10:30 - Break

11:00 - Virtual Practice Lab Activity/Small Group Demo (SimMan, Mock Pharmacy, Counseling, IV Room)

12:00 - Putting the Pieces Together

12:15 - Q&A/Dismissal