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Applicant Day  

Community college and University students are encouraged to attend our Applicant Day. At this event, students will have the opportunity to learn about both the pre-pharmacy and professional pharmacy curriculum and receive detailed information about the application and interview process. Please register to attend with the link below. 


Applicants are invited to submit their transcripts for review prior to Applicant Day and schedule an appointment to take place on the day of the event with an admission officer to review the evaluation. Unofficial transcripts may be sent to 


For students eligible to apply to the College of Pharmacy in the Fall of 2023, registration is OPEN


7:45 AM: Check In

8:00 AM: Welcome Address - Dean Glenn Anderson

8:15 AM: Curriculum Requirements 

8:45 AM: Application Process   

9:45 AM: Financial Aid

10:00 AM: Break 

10:15 AM: Dressing Professional

10:30 AM: Student Panel

11:00 AM: Interview Process

11:15 AM: Question and Answer Session

Optional Building Tours and Advisement Appointments following the Q&A session.

* schedule is subject to change


Advisor Day 

College Science and Pre-Health Advisors are encouraged to attend our Advisor Workshop. At this event, advisors will have the opportunity to learn about both the pre-pharmacy and professional pharmacy curriculum, receive detailed information about the application and interview process, learn more about our clinical rotations and career options, and hear from students currently enrolled in the pharmacy program. We will also do a fun, interactive activity in the lab via Zoom.

Registration is now CLOSED

8:30 Check-In
8:45 Welcome and Introductions, Dean Glenn Anderson
9:00 Overview of the Day, Mr. Sean Menefee
9:05 Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum Review, Mr. Sean Menefee
9:15 Application Process, Mrs. Mary Rhea
Admission Overview, Curriculum Review, and Rotation & Career Options - Dr. Stephen Hill, Dr. Michael Cockerham
10:15 Break
10:30 Lab, Dr. Anthony Walker
11:00 Round Table/Virtual Building Tour
11:05 Sim Man Video, Dr. Roxie Stewart
Mock Pharmacy, Dr. Ashley Barbo
IV Room Video, Dr. Connie Smith
11:35 Question and Answer Session, Mrs. Mary Rhea, Mr. Sean Menefee




Spend a day with the ULM College of Pharmacy and experience pharmacy student life. Work in our lab and classrooms, and meet our professional pharmacy students and faculty. Discover exciting and diverse job opportunities for pharmacists. Learn how to prepare for pharmacy school as well as some tips on acceptance and success!  This event is open to high school juniors and seniors, as well as college students.  


Registration is now CLOSED

Registration is per person.  If both parent and student need to register, please complete a form for each.


8:00 - Welcome

8:05 - Overview of Day

8:10 - Undergraduate Admissions

8:20 - Why Pharmacy

8:30 - Pharmacy in Practice

9:00 - What Students Want to Know

9:30 - Financial Aid

10:00 - PEP/C-PEP

10:15 - Tour

10:30 - Break

10:40 - Small Group Demo

11:20 - Practice Lab Activity

12:00 - Q&A

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