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Clery Act

The ULM Police Department keeps statistics on crime and safety on the ULM campus, as required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), codified in 1990 as 20 U.S.C.§1092(f).

The university compiles several categories of campus crime/safety reports:

The purpose of these reports is to provide information about on-campus security to include: campus and community crime statistics, policy information, safety tips, resource phone numbers, and a brief overview of the many services the university provides. Where applicable, these reports also provide information about fire statistics in ULM Residence Halls.

Per federal requirements, Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports are published on or before October 1 for the preceding calendar year.

Annual Security and Fire Reports

Annual Security and Fire Reports may be viewed at the ULM Police Department during normal business hours or are available for download as a PDF.

2019 Annual Security & Fire Report (as PDF)

2018 Annual Security & Fire Report (as PDF)

2017 Annual Security & Fire Report (as PDF)

2016 Annual Security & Fire Report (as PDF)

2015 Annual Security & Fire Report (as PDF)

2014 Annual Security & Fire Report (as PDF)

2013 Annual Security & Fire Report (as PDF)

(To view these reports Adobe Reader is required, available as a free download)

To request a printed copy of any of these campus crime/safety reports, please call 318-342-5350 or stop by the University Police Department, located in Filhiol Hall at 3811 DeSiard Street.

For additional information or questions about ULM's Annual Security and Fire Reports, please contact James Tramble, Clery Compliance Officer at tramble@ulm.edu or 318-342-5350.

Police and Fire Logs

Police and Fire Logs are available anytime upon request at the University of Louisiana Monroe Police Department located in Filhiol Hall at 3811 DeSiard Street. Archived reports are available as PDFs and are listed below.


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