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All Contracts should be reviewed by Purchasing before any signatures are obtained

 A Banner Requisition is recommended* for all contracts, but REQUIRED if the contract is over $2,000.

Purchasing should receive the complete contract package** for review in advance of the contract commencement date according to the time frames indicated below. 

              Contract Amount                 Submission Time Requirements

* EXCEPTION to Banner Requisition: Contracts less than $2k can be submitted via Check Request.

** A complete contract package is an APPROVED Banner Requisition, the Contract signed by Vendor & 2 witnesses (if applicable) and all required supporting documents. Reminder: Before any signatures are obtained, the contract should be pre-screened by Purchasing to ensure the document is compliant with all state requirements.

Before final payment of contracts over $2,000 can be issued, the Department must receive the items in Banner, and an original performance evaluation must be sent to Accounts Payable with a copy to Purchasing. See the ULM Controller's page for more information.

Supporting Documents

Board Resolution Template (.doc) (Only needed if the contractor is a corporation, either profit or non-profit)

Certificate of Authority (Only needed if the contractor is an out-of-state corporation wishing to do business in Louisiana, and will be in the state for 30 days or more)

Certification Letter Template (.doc) (Only needed if contract is > $5k)

Late Contract Justification Letter Template (.doc)  (Only needed if contract submission is 60 days past award)

Multi-year Justification Letter Template (.doc) (Only needed if contract exceeds 12 months)

Performance Evaluation Letter Form (.pdf) (Required for final payment on contracts over $2k, once services are completed)

Prohibition of Discriminatory Boycotts of Israel Addendum (.doc) [NEW 18Sep18] (Required for all contracts valued at $50,000 or more)

Resume (Required for all Consultants)

Sample Statement of Work + Monitoring Plan for Services (.doc)

Sole Source / Proprietary Purchase (.doc)

Travel Reimbursements must always be in accordance with PPM 49 State Travel regulations if travel is to be reimbursed as part of the contract.

Verification for Potential Employment (.pdf) (Only needed if the contract is with an individual instead of a business)

W-9 (.pdf) (Only needed if the contract is with a new vendor)