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Purchasing Basics

Purchasing Basics (.pdf)


The most common procurement approaches are:

1. General Procurement & Small Purchase [NEW 14Apr21]

2.  Sole Source / Proprietary (.pdf)

3.  State Contract (site)

4.  PPCS Service Contracts (site)

5.  Request for Proposal (Complex or high dollar) (site)

6. Public Works

Public Works Bid Procedures (.pdf) [NEW 21Oct21]

Public Works Quote Tabulation (.xls) [NEW 11Nov20]

Public Bid Law FAQ (.pdf) [NEW 20Oct21]



Business Affairs Fiscal Year End 2020-21 Deadlines (.pdf) [NEW 12May21]

General Procurement & P-Card Overview (.pdf) [NEW 17Nov20]


Vendor Procedures

Business Cards by MOO (site) [NOTE: The vendor will charge sales tax. If you use your P-Card, you are responsible for contacting the vendor for reimbursement of the tax amount]

Home Depot Tax Exempt Certificate (.pdf)

Purchasing from Amazon - New Account Setup (.pdf) [NEW 03Jun21] - Instructions for setting-up an account under ULM's Business Account for purchases using a P-Card or PO

Purchasing from Amazon - Buy with PO (.pdf) [NEW 03Jun21] - Instructions for making a tax-free purchase using ULM's Business Account and paying with a PO

Purchasing from Best Buy (.pdf) [NEW 14Jun21]

Purchasing from Office Depot (.pdf) [NEW 12May21] - NEW STATE CONTRACT EFFECTIVE 05/03/2021

Purchasing from Sam's Club (.pdf)

Purchasing from Wal-Mart (.pdf) [NEW 06Oct21]

Shredding Services (.pdf) [NEW22Sep21]


Specialized Purchases / Special Commodities

Art (.pdf)

Bullet Proof Vests / Weapons (.pdf)

Equipment Financing (site)

Emergency Purchases (.ppt)

Hardware / Software / Information Technology (.pdf)

Scientific & Laboratory Research Equipment (.pdf)

Special Meals Request (Controller's Forms site)

Vehicles (site)


Instructions & Helpful Information


Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts (.pdf)

Banner 9 Navigation Guide (.pdf)

Banner Screen Name List (.pdf)

Banner Requisition Entry (.pdf)

Receive a PO in Banner - All Items / Full (.pdf)

Receive a PO in Banner - Select Items / Partial (.pdf)

Self Service Banner Step-by-Step Instructions (site)
Self-service instructions for University employees who access Banner as part of their daily duties