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Student Research Symposium

How To Participate

Students who are actively pursuing their degrees and who have been officially enrolled in either undergraduate or graduate programs during the current academic year are eligible to participate in the Student Research Symposium.

Student participation grows every year and the Research Symposium invites all ULM students who are involved in research to celebrate your success and showcase your fine work.

Recording instructions are the same for the oral, poster, and 3MT submissions. A breakdown for specific requirements are available on the "Submission Forms and Instructions" site, linked below.

Deadline for abstract submissions is Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 4:00 pm.

For more information contact the Symposium Representative within your school.

We look forward to having you involved in this year's event!

See "Submission Forms and Instructions" for details.

Sample Posters

Links to sample posters are available for review at the bottom of this page. These sample posters are in PowerPoint format.

Please download and read the Poster Printing Guidelines to ensure your poster meets the Research Symposium criteria.

You may download the guidelines as either a Microsoft Word document or as an Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format).



Sample Poster 1
Sample Poster 2
Poster Printing Guidelines