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Program Requirements Graduate School Application Deadline  Program Application Deadline Additional Program Application Required?
Minimum combined score of 750 (converted) on the GRE 

Minimum true undergraduate GPA of 2.2, adjusted minimum GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)*

Minimum formula score of 1875 (GPA x GRE)
For Spring 2016 apply by
October 30, 2015
For Spring 2016 apply by
October 30, 2015

Click here to download program application

 *Contact the program coordinator for information about determining adjusted vs. true GPA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be admitted to the program before I have passed all tests?
No. All tests are required by either Graduate School admissions or the Louisiana Department of Education, and may not be waived.

What is an internship?
Internship is a full-year (fall and spring semesters) teaching position in which the MAT student gets paid as a regular teacher and registers through ULM for internship coursework.

Can my internship be in another state?
Generally, out-of-state internships are discouraged because we are not able to help students get temporary teaching certificates (necessary for teaching during internship) outside of the state of Louisiana. If you have special circumstances, please contact our graduate coordinator to discuss possibilities.

How long will it take to complete the program?
Some students who begin in the Summer 1 semester can complete the program in as little as 14 months. Typically, students take 14-20 months to finish; you have up to three years to finish the program.

Will you help find me a teaching position?
No, we do not offer job placement services. We do have a system in place that allows us to notify all current students of any teaching positions that are brought to our attention by area schools.

When will decisions be made regarding program admission?
Applications will be considered as they are received. Once a complete application has been made (including all transcripts and test scores), applicants will usually be notified of a decision within four weeks. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Next steps...

Ready to apply?
Please submit your application, transcripts, and test scores well in advance of deadlines published above. For more information about the Graduate School admission process, as well as the online application, please click here.

Program Cost
ULM has long been known for providing quality education at an affordable cost. Cost per credit hour varies based upon the number credit hours taken per semester, and approximate tuition and fee information is provided by the University Controller. Approximate cost of attendance can be found here.

Graduate Catalog
The catalog outlines university policies, tuition and fees, extensive program and degree information, and serves as your primary resource for all matters pertaining to your graduate studies and campus life. Click the links below for catalog information specific to each program.

Elementary Education Grades 1-5 (Alternative Certification), M.A.T.
Elementary Education Inclusive Grades 1-5 (Alternative Certification), M.A.T.
Secondary Education Grades 6-12 (Alternative Certification), M.A.T.
Secondary Education Inclusive Grades 6-12 (Alternative Certification), M.A.T.

Still have questions? 

Contact our program coordinator for more information:

Whitney Sutherland
Recruiter, MAT Program
College of Arts, Education and Sciences
Walker 2-37