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Welcome to ULM Beta Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Chi

The Beta Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Chi is a professional fraternity.  Our focus is mainly in service and brotherhood.  Our goals are to promote the profession of pharmacy at ULM and the community through service and leadership projects, enhance alumni relations through improved forms of communication and activities and provide members with opportunities for networking and advancement through leadership positions.

Mission Statement

Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity develops leaders to advance the profession of pharmacy.  Phi Delta Chi, a lifelong experience, promotes scholastic, professional and social growth in its brothers.  We strive to provide quality services to our patients, thereby advanced public health and strengthening ourselves as health professionals.


Worthy Chief Counselor Dustin Blackson
Worthy Vice Counselor Jonathan Landry
Worthy Keeper of Records & Seals Grand Menard
Worthy Correspondent David Evans
Worthy Keeper of Finance John Shamma
Worthy Master of Arms Austin Verrett
Worthy Inner Guard Ji Sonnier
Worthy Alumni Liaison Kaleb Hanson
Worthy Prelate Kevin Perrodin
Advisors Dr. Greg Smith
  Dr. Lance Nickelson
  Dr. Adam Pate
  Dr. Mike Cockerham