University Survey Results

The results of ULM's University Survey are available in several formats:

University Overview

Over a period of more than 75 years, the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) has grown into a comprehensive senior institution of higher learning offering a complete educational experience to a diverse student body.

While the university is widely recognized as a regional leader in educating health science professionals, five academic colleges, a graduate school, and varied continuing education programs provide a wide-range of opportunities for learning.

Students may earn undergraduate, graduate, or professional degrees; obtain the professional development necessary to remain current within their field of expertise; or enrich their personal life through not-for-credit courses. Internships and externships provide valuable opportunities for tactile learning and for the development of practical experience. In each case, ULM emphasizes a student-centered learning environment where excellence is the hallmark of the educational endeavor.

The University dedicates itself to student learning and advancing knowledge through pure and applied research. Through the Emerging Scholars Program, each undergraduate student has the opportunity to be paired with a faculty mentor and to become involved in the discovery of new knowledge.

These research and creative efforts may continue at the masters level in a broad array of programs or at the doctoral level in selected areas: Educational Leadership or Curriculum and Instruction (Ed.D.) and Pharmacy or Marriage and Family Therapy (Ph.D.).

While focused on intellectual needs, ULM is committed to developing the whole student. A wide range of student services offer attention to their physical and emotional well-being, help develop their social skills, provide opportunities for their entertainment, and assist in developing the skills they need for successful careers. An emphasis is placed on respecting diversity.

With its human, academic, and physical resources, ULM enhances the quality of life of the surrounding communities. The University serves as the economic engine for the region and as its intellectual and cultural center.

Calendar of Important Dates
Orientation of Leadership Team June 11, 2007
Compliance Certification Sample Due April 18, 2008
Compliance Certification Due September 10, 2008
Draft Qualilty Enhancement Plan Due October 3, 2008
Off-Site Peer Review Conducted November 3-6, 2008
Nomination for Lead QEP Evaluator Due December 12, 2008
Qualilty Enhancement Plan due February 2, 2009
Focus Report due February 2, 2009
On-Site Review March 24 - 26, 2009
Response to On-Site Team Report August 1, 2009
Review by Commission on Colleges December 5 - 8, 2009