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Time & Leave

Annual Leave

Leave with pay granted to an employee for the purpose of rehabilitation, restoration and maintenance of work efficiency, or transaction of personal affairs. 

Sick Leave

Leave with pay granted to an employee who is suffering with a disability which prevents him/her from performing his/her usual duties and responsibilities and/or who requires medical, dental, or optical consultation or treatment, including annual physical exams. 

Faculty Leave

Faculty members employed on a nine-month basis do not earn annual leave; they earn "faculty leave." "Faculty leave" is leave granted in lieu of annual leave to faculty members employed on a nine-month basis. Faculty leave is automatically taken between terms and during holiday periods as shown in the official University Calendar.

Accrual Schedule

Leave Accrual for Employees is as follows:

Years of Service Per Hour Per Pay Period Days a Year
Less than three years .0461 3.6880 12
Three but less than five .0576 4.6080 15
Five but less than ten .0692 5.5360 18
Ten but less than fifteen .0807 6.4560 21
Fifteen or more .0923 7.3840 24