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Workers' Compensation

University of Louisiana at Monroe employees are covered by workers' compensation, which provides partial salary payments and medical expenses in the event of a qualified work-related injury or illness. The amount of workers's compensation benefits payable and the duration of payments depend on the nature of the injury or illness and the employee's salary at the time of the incident. In general, usual and customary medical expenses incurred in connection with an injury or illness is paid and partial salary payments are provided after the employee has met the seven-day waiting period. 

All University employees, regardless of their length of employment, are covered by workers' compensation if injured or becomes ill due to work-related activities. 

Reporting an Injury

*In the event an injury does require medical treatment, do not submit personal health insurance to your provider. Please inform them that treatment will be covered by Workers' Compensation.

For more information regarding the Workers' Compensation Policy, please follow the link below:

Workers Compensation Policy

Return to Work Policy

The Return to Work Policy was established for employees who have sustained job-related injuries, or illness, and as a result, are temporarily prevented from returning to full time employment. 

To be eligible for the Return-to-Work Program an employee must be off work as a result of a work-related injury or illness, receiving Workers' Compensation, and have the treating physician's approval to return to transitional/light duty or work. 

For more information regarding the Return to Work Policy, please follow the link below:

Return to Work Policy


Important Documents:

Employee Report of Injury/Illness
Incident/Accident Investigation Form DA2000
Transitional Return To Work Audit Form