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Hiring Procedures


Hiring Procedures for Unclassified Faculty & Staff:

Unclassified Hiring Procedures

Unclassified Hiring Checklist


Hiring Procedures for Classified Staff:

Classified Hiring Procedures

Classified Hiring Checklist


Hiring Manager’s Interview Packet

The Hiring Manager Interview Packet is a guide to the interview process. This guide consists of information to help prepare for interviews, what to do during interviews, and what you should do when interviews are complete. It also includes questions you can and can’t ask to avoid any cause for discrimination, and sample questions for you to use. This should be reviewed by the hiring manager and anyone that may serve on a search committee.

Hiring Manager Interview Packet – Faculty

Hiring Manager Interview Packet – Classified & Unclassified Staff



Payroll Action Form (doc)
-this form replaces all the previous forms

Position Justification Form – unclassified faculty & staff

Position Justification Form – classified staff

Request to Post (all positions)

Job Description Template

Employment Recommendation Form (Classified)

Employment Recommendation Form (Unclassified)

Request to Replace/Hire Data Sheet (Faculty Positions)


Who to contact in Human Resources

To hire classified or unclassified positions in following areas: 

Academic Affairs


Compliance Services

Internal Audit

Contact Amy Hedges at 5137 or hedges@ulm.edu

To hire classified or unclassified positions in the following areas:

Business Affairs

Executive Vice President

Student Affairs

Foundation/Alumni Relations

Contact Lamont Windom at 5143 or windom@ulm.edu