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Payroll Information

For payroll information or help, contact us at 318-342-5140 or email payroll@ulm.edu.


- documents below are offered as PDF unless otherwise noted

Web Time Entry

Web Time Entry Manual  - Non-Exempt

Web Time Entry Manual – Exempt 

Web Time Entry Step-by-Step Instructions Full-time Employees


Web Time Entry Manual - hourly employees (students, GAs, casual wage)

Web Time Entry Step-by-Step Instructions Hourly Employees

FAQ: Web Time Entry for Supervisors

FAQ: Web Time Entry for Employees

Payroll Conversion

9 Month Faculty Payroll Conversion

12 Month Staff and Faculty Payroll Conversion

12 Month Conversion Pay Schedule

Informational Sessions Schedule

Sample Annual Gross Salary monthly vs bi-weekly


Payroll Calendars

2020 Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule

2021 Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule

2020-21 PT Faculty & Overload Pay Schedule

Academic Year 20-21 Bi-weekly Pay Schedule

2020 Summer Faculty Payroll Schedule

2021 Summer Faculty Payroll Schedule

GA Spring 2021 Payroll Schedule

GA Spring 2020 Payroll Schedule

GA Summer 2020 Payroll Schedule

GA Fall 2020 Payroll Schedule

GA Winter Session 20-21 Payroll Schedule


Helpful Videos

Web Time Entry Employee Video MP4

Web Time Entry Hourly Employee Video MP4

Web Time Entry Approver and Proxy Video MP4



Bi-weekly Leave Report xls

Bi-weekly Time Sheet xls

Direct Deposit (doc)

Direct Deposit Termination

Form L-4 

Form W-4 – Employees Withholding Exemption

Hourly Time Sheet xls

Part-Time Faculty Leave Report doc

Payroll Voucher xls

Request for Leave doc

Request for Overtime/K-time [Request for Prior Approval to Earn] doc

Time Sheet Approver Change Form docx



Your payroll personnel is listed below according to employees last name.

Jacqueline Sias  (Last Name) A-F

Felicia Gibson  (Last Name) G-M

Leon Williams (Last name) N-Z