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Unclassified Staff Evaluation System 

The unclassified staff evaluation system is used to measure an individual’s job performance annually.  The purpose of the unclassified staff evaluation system is to enhance job performance and job satisfaction by the employee.  The performance evaluation applies to all unclassified staff employees and certain academic administrators.  The evaluation cycle shall be the 12-month period from May 1 through April 30 of each fiscal year (exact dates within the evaluation cycle may change to accommodate for university holidays).  The annual evaluation will be implemented on-line. Performance evaluation and plans, as well as any related evaluations documentation, shall be maintained by the Office of Human Resources in the employee's confidential personnel files.


Policies & Procedures

The policy and procedures for the unclassified staff evaluation system can be viewed by clicking on the links below.  It is strongly recommended that you review the policy and procedures before you begin any part of the evaluation process.


Policy Link



Important Dates

The 2018-19 evaluation cycle will begin on April 1, 2019 and conclude May 31, 2019.

Phases should be completed on or before the following dates:

Phase 1 - Employee Proposes Evaluator Names: April 1st - April 14th

Phase 2 - Evaluation Completion Period: April 15th - April 30th

Phase 2.5 – Supervisor Evaluation Completion Period: May 1st – May 14th

*You will not be able to begin phase 2 until April 15th

Phase 3 - Review and Planning:  May 15th - May 31st

Performance Improvement Plan

Performance Expectation Plan

also available as rtf (open in MS Word)

Failure to Complete Evaluation and/or Performance Expectation Plan

Failure to fulfill Evaluations and/or Performance Evaluation Plan responsibilities as an Employee, Supervisor, Colleague or Direct Report employee who is designated as an Evaluation will result in ineligibility for consideration for merit pay the next time merit pay is considered.  Any supervisor who fails to evaluate an Employee who directly reports to him/her and who is entitled to an Evaluation under this policy shall be reported to the Director of Human Resources and may be subject to disciplinary action, as determined by the supervisor's division Vice President.


Log In Instructions

Click on the link below to log in to the evaluation system.  Your log in information is your email username and password.  Your username is the first part of your campus email address (username@ulm.edu).


Link to the Unclassified Staff Evaluation System


The evaluation system is designed to be user friendly and self-explanatory.  If you need further assistance, email evals@ulm.edu.