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Group E-Mail 

Group e-mail - sending one email to a large university group -  is an efficient way to communicate university-related information to a large group of students, faculty and staff. However, when used improperly, the group e-mail system becomes an ineffective and unwelcome communication tool. This policy applies to all e-mail users within the "ulm.edu" domain, including students, faculty and staff.


Group E-Mail Overview
Group e-mail is a feature of ULM's e-mail system which allows users to send e-mail to a select group of recipients. A list of all established e-mail groups is available at ulm.edu/mailman/listinfo

Some groups, such as employees, faculty, and students, along with select others, may be held up to 24 hours for review, or proctoring. This proctoring process may extend past 24 hours over weekends and holidays. Proctoring is necessary to ensure the e-mail is relevant to university business and directed to the correct group. Any group e-mail not meeting these criteria will be returned to the original sender with information of how to properly author the message.


Who may use Group E-mail
Any ULM faculty, staff or student may submit a group e-mail. However, the originating e-mail address must be from a "ulm.edu" domain. E-mails originating from non "ulm.edu" addresses will not be accepted.

Users should send e-mails on their own behalf, and the content of a group e-mail sent is the responsibility of the owner of the address in the "From:" address line. Faculty and staff should not send group e-mails on a student's behalf, nor should students send e-mails for faculty or staff.


Student Mass E-Mail Process
Student Mass E-Mail is sent out once a week on Monday morning. Each department may submit one e-mail detailing its activities for the week (i.e. one for Aramark, one for Career Connections, one for VAPA, one for Student Life, etc.)

The email must be submitted before 8 a.m. on Monday morning in order to go out for the week and can be submitted as early as mid-week the week before.

Please note that the moderator is unable to edit the email in any way once it enters the queue, so typos and errors must be carefully watched for, else it cause inconvenience and delay for both parties.


Student Mass E-Mail on Behalf of RSOs
Recognized Student Organizations may send a request to be included in the Student Life and Leadership mass e-mail for the week. RSOs may not send out an individual e-mail to all students.

In order to be included in the Student Life email, the RSO's event must have already been approved through Wingspan and must be submitted no later than 3 p.m. the Thursday before the e-mail is to be sent. Failure to meet these requirements will result in not having the event included in the e-mail.

The moderator reserves the right to edit any submissions for inclusion in the Student Life mass e-mail. Send requests to Meagan Lee at mlee@ulm.edu


Group e-mail should be used to communicate with students, faculty, and staff about the university's educational services and business. Information sent must be related to the group being mailed. For example, an e-mail to all employees about changes in the academic calendar would be appropriate. Conversely, e-mailing information which only pertains to budget unit heads should go only to those specifically targeted employees.

Promotion of regularly scheduled events open to the public, i.e., VAPA events, should not use “All Employee” or Group E-mail as reminders of regularly scheduled events. These planned events should use other promotional methods, such as a departmental Web site, Axis TV, Fant-Ewing Message Board, the ULM Web Calendar, the ULM News Center or press releases developed in conjunction with the Office of Public Information, as well as paid advertising, to promote these events. E-mails submitted for regularly scheduled events will not be approved for “All Employees.”

The timing of your e-mail should be taken into consideration also. For example, an e-mail about a retirement reception for a faculty member should be sent out 48 to 72 hours prior to the event. Sending the e-mail the morning of the event does not guarantee the e-mail will be approved in time.


Subject Lines
A carefully crafted subject line is the key to increasing the chance your e-mail message will be opened and read as opposed to being deleted by the user. Subject lines should be concise and relevant, and should be able to convey the topic of your e-mail message.

Examples of good subject lines:

Examples of poor subject lines might be:


Inappropriate messages
Examples of unacceptable or inappropriate e-mail messages are as follows and will not be approved:

Spam and Junk Mail
Not every e-mail sent via the ULM group e-mail system may be relevant to you, so if a group e-mail does not apply to you, just delete it. E-mail sent via the ULM group e-mail system is a service to communicate information to the ULM community as a whole and is not considered spam or junk mail.


Events and Activities
All university-related events or activities should also be posted to the ULM Calendar, Axis TV, or the Fant-Ewing message board. Contact your department head or organization's adviser to find out how to get your information on these campus-wide channels. You may also e-mail the Office of Public Information at news@ulm.edu or call 342-5440 to get your event or activity on the calendar.


Plain Text, Graphics, and Attachments
Use of plain text and/or web links in the message body is encouraged. The message may be composed directly into the body of your e-mail program or with any word processor, then inserted into the e-mail body using the "cut and paste" function. Third-party applications which add background images, colorization, icons, or graphical elements should not be used.

Use of embedded graphics and user-generated attachments (Word .doc, PDF, etc.) is not allowed when using the university's group e-mail system. Third-party signatures are considered embedded and should be removed prior to sending the group e-mail. If you send a message with an embedded graphic and/or user-generated attachment, the message will be returned to you with a request the e-mail be rewritten without the graphic and/or the attachment.

In some circumstances, a "server-side" graphic with an absolute link to the graphic may be allowed, but the graphic must reside on a ULM server. Before sending a group e-mail with such a graphic, please contact the Office of Public Information at 318-342-5440 to discuss your need.

However, by default, the e-mail system may attach a small text file when a group e-mail is sent and will show up in your mailbox as an attachment. This system attachment should not be misconstrued as a user-generated attachment, such as a Word document, Excel file, PDF or other type of attached file.

There are several reasons why file attachments are not allowed. First is the possibility of a computer virus; second is the file size of attachments reduces the amount of the email server storage dramatically, reducing the mail server's efficiency.


Group E-Mail Tips