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"Students’ success is not simply a good grade but also how they can apply the knowledge that they learned from the classroom to the outside world and contribute to society and mankind." - Dr. Attapol Kuanliang, Associate Professor Criminal Justice, School of Social Sciences, College of Business & Social Sciences.

Master Degree

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (MA)

best value schools best online master's badgeThis degree program offers a 33 semester-hour (thesis option) or a 36 semester-hour (non-thesis option) plan. Applicants must complete the bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a major in the field of Criminal Justice. Other bachelor’s degrees will be considered on an individual basis; selected undergraduate background courses may be required to remove undergraduate deficiencies.

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In addition to the University requirements for admission to the Graduate School at ULM, all applicants for regular admission to the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice degree program must meet program admission requirements.

For more information about this program, including admission requirements, please see the ULM Graduate School.