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Master Degree

2021 Most Affordable Masters PsyMaster of Science in Psychology (MS)

Undergraduate requirements include 9 semester hours of psychology, including at least 3 semester hours of statistics or its equivalent. The student will not be allowed to take more than 12 graduate hours until all undergraduate prerequisites are completed.

The Master of Science in Psychology requires the following program requirements of all students:

Master of Science in Psychology (MS)

Requirements for students who do not choose a concentration:


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The Forensic Concentration

 Requires the addition of:

PSYC 5011 - Individual Tests

PSYC 5015 - Psychopathology

PSYC 5035 - Advanced Forensic Psychology

CJUS 5005 - Advanced Theories of Crime and Delinquency

CJUS 5040 - Counseling in Criminal Justice

CJUS 5055 - Sociology of Law

CJUS 5076 - Minorities, Crime, and Criminal Justice

6 hours of Psychology electives (from specifically identified courses)


For more information about this program, including admission requirements, please see the ULM Graduate School.