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ULM Student Conduct Hearing Board


The Hearing Board is a committee of students, faculty, and staff members who hear disciplinary cases. The hearing board is authorized to determine whether a student and/or student organization has violated the Student Code of Conduct and to recommend sanctions that will educate and promote healthy behaviors.


As a conduct board member you will be expected to abide by the following:  

  1. You must adhere to all provisions of the Code of Student Conduct.  Board members who are charged with any violation of the Code [or with a criminal offense] may be suspended from their board position by the Advisor during the tendency of the charges.
  2. You are expected to attend all scheduled training sessions and meetings of the Board.  Normally, this time commitment will consist of an extensive fall training session required of all members and on-going in-service sessions.
  3. You are expected to attend all scheduled hearings for which you are assigned unless alternate arrangements are made in advance with the Advisor.
  4. You are expected to arrange for a substitute and to contact the Office well in advance if you are unable to attend a hearing.
  5. You are expected to inform the Advisor if you have any personal interest in or knowledge about any case, or if you are personally acquainted with any party. Board members may be disqualified from reviewing a case [upon majority vote of the remaining board members conducted by a secret ballot,] or by the Advisor.
  6. Efforts by any person to influence the recommendation of the board, or the vote of any board member, shall be reported to the Advisor.
  7. The names of all parties in a case and information pertaining to the case, whether pending or completed, shall not be revealed to any person other than other board members responsible for reviewing the case or University employees designated in the Code of Conduct as participants in the University conduct system.
  8. University files or records shall not be removed from the Office without permission of the Advisor.

***Board members who do not abide by these expectations or who otherwise fail to fulfill their responsibilities as a board member may be removed from the Board.***