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Report an Incident

For an emergency on campus, call the University Police Department at 318.342.5350, and for off-campus call # 911

For Students

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For Employees

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When Should I Report it?

UPD Silent Witness

The ULM Police Silent Witness Program provides a means for members of the ULM campus community to anonymously provide information about crimes on campus. Total anonymity is guaranteed. No personal information is collected with the crime information. Crimes reported through this program are reviewed and investigated by the ULM Police Officers and Investigators. All information submitted through this program is confidential.


Hazing Report

For filing a report of alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct for hazing


Incident Report 

For filing a report regarding incidents that may be in violation of the Standards of Conduct or interrupting the educational environment.

All concerns that do not fall under one of the listed report options should be submitted to the Incident Report Form.


Title IX

Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct - This form should be used to report an incident involving an alleged violation of the ULM Sexual Misconduct Policy (including Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking on the basis of Sex and Sexual Exploitation)


Academic Violations

Academic Integrity or Classroom Disruption Incident Form - For filing a report (non-emergency) for cheating, plagiarism, or classroom behavioral issues


Welfare Concern

For filing a report (non-emergency) for a student who may need crisis assistance


Online Security Threats, Internet Fraud, Cyber Stalking/Harassment

This form is to be used for reporting online threats for non-emergency incidents.


Res Life Incident Form

This form is designed for incidents relating to the Office of Residential Life


Title IX Appeals

The ULM Sexual Misconduct Policy affords both the complainant and respondent the opportunity to appeal the decision as a result of a Hearing on cases involving alleged sexual misconduct and retaliation. Detailed information regarding the appeal process can be found in ULM's Sexual Misconduct Policy.