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OTA Portfolio Content Requirements

All Portfolio Contents are required to:

Incomplete portfolios will not be reviewed and the applicant will be deemed ineligible.

The content must be placed in the following order:

1. Title Page to include applicant's name, "Application Portfolio", and "University of Louisiana at Monroe Occupational Therapy Assistant Program"

2. Completed and signed application form for the current year. This form must be completed on a computer – not handwritten.

3. Passport or professional type photograph approximately 2"x 3" in size stapled to the bottom right corner of the first page of the application form in the portfolio (NOT THE COVER PAGE).

The photograph must reflect professional appearance and may not be printed on regular paper – photo paper is required. Please NO Glamour shots. The picture should be a headshot with a solid background.

4.  A $55.00 application fee receipt. 

The $55.00 application fee must be sent to:

LA Capitol FCU

University of Louisiana at Monroe

University Commons II, Suite 2152

4031 Northeast Drive

Monroe, LA 71209

Please make your check payable to ULM Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. LA Capitol FCU will deposit the application fee into Occupational Therapy Assistant's account and will mail two receipts to you. Please send one of these receipts in with your application to the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program in your portfolio and retain one for your records.

5. Three (3) academic or professional letters from references who are familiar with the applicant's work ethic or professional or academic character. Letters must be on professional letterhead and must contain an original signature of the writer. Letters must be within the last two years and may NOT be from family members. Letters of references completed more than two years prior to application date WILL NOT be accepted.

6. Narrative statement, 400-500 words in length, to include the following topics:

- why you selected Occupational Therapy Assistant as a degree - how you investigated the profession

- what area of practice you are most interested in and why

- a description of your long-term career goals

- (Optional) a description of additional activities (personal or volunteer/work experience) you may have that are related to the profession of OT or experience with client populations seen in an OT setting.

7. Documentation of completion of required OT-related activities to include signature verification sheets for each activity.

A good portfolio will be organized, accurate, complete, and professional in appearance. A point value will be assigned to portfolio that will contribute to the admission ranking.