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Proctor Information for the OTA to MOT Bridge Program

Student-chosen proctors will be used in the ULM MOT Program to maximize class didactic time and preserve academic integrity. Exams that are taken online/off-campus must be monitored by a proctor chosen by the student and approved by the ULM MOT Program. The proctor system is an integral part of the academic process and is critical to academic integrity. ANY violations of the proctor agreement or process will be considered a flagrant violation of ULM MOT policies and the student will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include receiving a grade of zero on the exam and/or dismissal from the program.

Please review the Policy on Proctors, download, complete, and submit all forms to Dr. Patti Calk at calk@ulm.edu

Policy on Proctors (as a MS Word .doc)

Proctor Agreement Form (as a MS Word .doc)

Proctor Responsibilities (as a MS Word .doc)

Student Integrity Statement (as a MS Word .doc)