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Scholarships for Freshmen

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Freshman Academic Scholarships for Academic Year 2020-2021

Your undergraduate application for admission also serves as your scholarship application to ULM. Please note that in order for you to be eligible for a ULM Academic Scholarship:

1. Your undergraduate admission application must be received by the January 31, 2020 deadline;

2. All students must submit their official ACT/SAT Scores by February 29, 2020;

3. Homeschool students and non-Louisiana students must submit their high school transcripts by February 29, 2020.


The following amounts are annual scholarships awarded to students for the academic year 2020-2021.


ACT Score

GPA 3.7-4.0

GPA 3.4-3.69

GPA 3.0-3.39

President's Distinguished


+Study Abroad



Academic Excellence





Academic Merit





Academic Recognition





Ace's Award





- Amounts posted are awarded annually
- Students that apply prior to January 31, 2020 are automatically considered for academic scholarships
- 6th semester cumulative, unweighted GPA will be used to determine scholarship eligibility
- Study Abroad stipend (up to $4,500) and iPad (estimated $500) are sponsored by the President's Top Hawks Fund


Scholarship Application Deadline: January 31, 2020 • ACT/SAT Test Date Deadline: December 2019 Test Date

To see how your SAT score will convert to ACT, see the ACT/SAT Conversion Chart.


To be considered for a ULM Academic Scholarship, applicants must:

Other important information:


If you have questions, please contact the ULM Scholarships Office at 318.342.5321 or scholarships@ulm.edu.