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For Current ULM Students With Scholarship Awards

A scholarship recipient who needs to drop a course should first meet with their academic advisor.

Students receiving ULM Academic Scholarships must meet the following criteria to maintain their award:

Students are encouraged to use Wintersession and Summer terms to fulfill the 30-hour rule. Earning 30 credit hours each academic year at the awarding institution is the responsibility of the student.

Appealing your Scholarship Award

It is the student's responsibility to ensure at the conclusion of each semester that renewal requirements have been met.

The academic records of all students receiving scholarships are reviewed by the Scholarship Office once grades are posted. Students who do not meet the eligibility criteria will have their awards cancelled for all future terms.

Students whose award is cancelled will receive a notification letter with a link to the appeal form. Those who believe they meet the appeal criteria may submit the form to the Scholarship Appeals Committee in care of the Scholarship Office located in Sandel Hall. The Scholarships Office Mailing address: 700 University Avenue, Monroe LA 71209.

NOTE: Any supporting documentation should be faxed to 318-342-3553.

(Click here for the Scholarship Appeal Request Form)

ULM Academic Scholarship appeals for Fall 2019 reinstatement must be submitted by June 28, 2019 in order to be eligible for consideration.  Students are encouraged to submit their appeals early in order to ensure reinstated awards are posted before fee payment deadline.