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Student Affairs

We encourage any concerns regarding potentially dangerous or disturbing behaviors to be submitted using a CARE Report in order for the information to be easily prioritized and documented internally for effective follow-up.

We rely on our campus community to share with us information concerning communications and behaviors. These may include communicated threats of violence by any means, whether direct or veiled, unruly or clearly inappropriate frightening behaviors, evidence of firearms on campus, and/or actual assaults.

Submit a Care Report

Submitting a CARE report is not punitive, but instead designed to better connect students to services and resources in times of concern. While some dangerous or disturbing behaviors may also be in opposition to our Student Code of Conduct, our CARE Team prioritizes the health and safety of the student of concern and our campus community.

What types of Behaviors might be considered Dangerous or Disturbing?

Disruptive behaviors in the classroom generally fall under faculty classroom management. We recommend faculty and instructors review Examples of Dangerous vs. Disruptive Behaviors for more examples (including online course behavior.