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Feedback Loop to Referrer

Although some of the recommendations and actions taken by the CARE Team may not be shared with others, we will communicate with the CARE report referral in some of the following ways:

Preliminary Response Meeting

Once a report is received, the CARE Chair may consult with members who have expertise in the area of concern for an initial evaluation. These team members will investigate the submitted report and, if appropriate, convene the CARE Team for an emergency meeting. Otherwise, these findings will be discussed at the regularly scheduled CARE Team meetings.

If the initial report appears to require an immediate response, our OSAA staff will respond accordingly.

Other situations not requiring an immediate response may continue to develop over time, some of which may resolve on their own and some may escalate (usually driven by certain behaviors or because the individual of concern may be facing a very stressful situation or difficult loss)

Care Team Meetings

Meetings are designed to review previous cases, assess the status of interventions and follow-ups, determine appropriate resources to support students, and provide regular opportunities for training. We make careful evaluations about recommending potential next steps to campus administrators especially because situations are not always clear whether an actual risk of harm exists or what the most prudent action to take may be.