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The Emerging Scholars program joins students and professors in cooperative research and other professional activities. Students selected for the program receive a stipend of $400 at the end of the semester to participate as "junior colleagues" in the extra-class professional activities of professors.

Who can apply?

Any ULM freshman or sophomore. A student who has earned a total of 60 or more cumulative credit hours is not eligible for the program. However, we will consider the first four physical semesters of college for students with dual enrollment credit.

How can you apply?

STEP 1: Find a professor who would like to work with you on a project. It can be a professor in your field of study or not. You might already have a project in mind or simply talk to the professor about available research opportunities. Think of your interests and everything you can learn and gain while working with your Emerging Scholars faculty mentor.

STEP 2: Fill out the Emerging Scholars application. Type your answers, print it out, and sign the application. Then take it to your faculty mentor for him/her to sign it. Without the faculty mentor’s signature, your application will not be considered.

STEP 3: Turn your application in to the front desk of the Student Success Center (SSC) by deadline. Or you can email your completed application to marjanovic@ulm.edu. Emailed applications must also contain faculty mentor's signature. You will be notified if you are accepted in the program.

Note: A student can be involved in one Emerging Scholars project per semester.

When is the application due?

For Fall 2021, the application period is August 16 to August 30, 2021.

• Applicants, and faculty mentors, will be notified if they are accepted in the program by September 3.

For Spring 2022, the application period is January 10 to January 24, 2022.

• Applicants, and faculty mentors, will be notified if they are accepted in the program by January 28.



Download and complete the Emerging Scholars Application (pdf)


If you have any questions, please contact Alma Marjanovic at marjanovic@ulm.edu.