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We are SO excited you have chosen ULM!

Your freshman year will be the most exciting and challenging of your college career.

We have a wide variety of programs to help guide you on your way!

To find out more about what the First Year Experience is all about, just click any link above or contact us!


University Seminar 1001 

University Seminar 1001 is a 1 credit hour required class for all incoming Freshmen.

Each University Seminar 1001 section has a peer leader who was chosen based on their success as a ULM student and excellent campus involvement.

University Seminar 1001 is customized for your college and/or major and is paired with one of your core classes as part of your Learning Community.

University Seminar 1001 offers college specific sections as well as special population classes like ones for campus leadership and Adult Learners. UNIV 1001 is always expanding to find new ways to meet your needs.

Complete information about University Seminar 1001 can be found at University Seminar 1001