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Pix of ULM Warhawks "Prestige" License Plate

Help fund scholarships with a ULM Warhawks License Plate!

When you purchase a Warhawk license plate, part of the proceeds help fund scholarships for future Warhawks.

Ordering yours is easy with two convenient ways to order!

Easy Way 1

Call the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles at 1-225-925-6371 and ask for the ULM prestige license plate. Have your vehicle registration ready when you call.

Easy Way 2

Visit www.expresslane.org and and enter your current Louisiana license plate number. You will be directed to a screen where you can choose the ULM Warhawk plate. All fees will be calculated for you. Send payment to:

Office of Motor Vehicles
Suite 103
Post Office Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896

Additional Information

  • If you currently have a NLU / ULM plate on your vehicle and want to keep the same plate number on your new Warhawk plate, tell the Department of Motor Vehicles you want to request a remake of your NLU / ULM plate. They will ask for the plate number and information from your vehicle registration form. There is a nominal fee for the remaking of your plate number. The Department of Motor Vehicles will calculate all fees for you. When your new plate arrives, take your old plate off and proudly display it!

    Please note: When you order a remake of your plate number, it will take longer to receive than if you just order a new plate. Also, you can only order a remake of your NLU /ULM plate over the phone. The remake option is not available online.

  • Whether you order over the phone or online, you will be given credit for any unexpired registration left on your current plate.

  • You will not be able to request a special number if you’ve never had a prestige plate. Only those with a current NLU / ULM plate may request the transfer of their current number to their new plate.  

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