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Faculty governance of the College and its programs are supported through these committees.

Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee
R. Berry (Chair) – Luse, McEacharn, Clow, K. Parker, Cordova, Williamson

Assurance of Learning
McEacharn (Chair) - Barnett, Golemon, Guerriero, Manry, Ograk

Budget Steering 
R. Berry (Chair) – Cordova, Hodge, K. Parker, T. Parker, Walker, Luse (ex officio)

Faculty Chairs
Barnett, Cole, Corcoran, Cordova, McEacharn, Nelson, K. Parker, Walker

Faculty Qualifications and Development
T. Parker (Chair) – Clow, Dunn, Eaton, Weber

Babin (Chair) – Hodge, Kogut, Luse, Ograk

Promotion and Tenure
Eisenstadt (Chair) – Bray, Clow, Davis, Eaton, Guerriero, Williamson, Wood

Cole (Chair) – C. Berry, Cooper, Boswell, Ensminger, Melancon, Strickler, Wiedemeier, Luse

Student Issues and Development
Roshto (Chair) – DeNardin, Gurung, Rodriguez, G. Smith, Taylor

Undergraduate Curriculum
Davis (Chair) – Cook, Nelson, L. Smith, Stammerjohan, Walker, Wood