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Posted 11/05/2013 - 11:33am

On October 22nd, the newest iteration of Mac OSX was released to the public. This new version is available for free, allowing the Computing Center to upgrade any eligible Apple computers on campus.

The ULM Computing Center has been reviewing the new OS for possible deployment and has deemed that we can go ahead with Faculty, Staff, and Lab upgrades of the operating system.

For anyone who wants their Mac computer updated, the computer has to meet one of the following hardware...

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Posted 08/05/2013 - 11:36am

On Friday, August 9, the University Computing Center will be permanently disabling access to www.ulm.edu (Spock) from off-campus through SSH/SFTP client tools. SSH and SFTP protocols are used to remotely access computers or make file transfers. SSH/SFTP has traditionally been used for uploading file content to personal web folders or ULM departmental websites. This change does not apply to users that are on-campus in...

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Posted 07/18/2013 - 7:34am

The latest version of Java has been found to work with all browsers on the PC platform and using Safari for Macintosh. Those people needing access to INB BANNER should download the update at the following website:


Follow the instructions as directed to install the application and plugins. Once completed, restart the browser of choice. Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and Internet Explorer...

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Posted 07/09/2013 - 2:19pm

Within the next week, the University Computing Center will be upgrading the current installation of the Zimbra email system to the latest version. In Version 8, Zimbra undergoes a face lift that makes it cleaner, sleeker, and easier to use. Some of the new changes are summarized below. We also have an entry in our FAQ section for those Frequently Asked Question regarding the new upgrade.


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Posted 09/04/2012 - 2:12pm

(Originally announced on May 8 ,2012) 
ULM Students,
As you return to the ULM Campus during the Summer and Fall semesters this year, you will begin to experience a change in most of your ULM computer labs.  The University is making enhancements to set up as many computer labs as possible to have an authentication measure in place.  This will require Students to use your Warhawks account as desktop authentication for lab computers.  Essentially, before...

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