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The practice of pharmacy is a vital part of a complete health care system. Pharmacists are professionals, uniquely prepared and available, committed to public service and the achievement of this goal. Pharmacists are the principal resource to patients and other health professionals in assuring appropriate use of and optimal therapeutic outcomes from medications.

Professional students may be eligible to receive the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) degree.  The degree will be awarded to students who successfully complete the first year of the professional portion of the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) program. The purpose of awarding this degree is to recognize the achievement of these students when they have earned credit hours in an amount comparable to that of students receiving other baccalaureate degrees and to give appropriate recognition for their academic accomplishment to that point in the educational process.

As a pharmacist, your decisions and actions involve human life and well being. In order to meet pharmacy's demands, you must assess your qualifications for judgement, dependability and conscientious performance. You must pay close attention to details and be willing to check and double check your work.  If this is the field for you, we are pleased that you have selected the University of Louisiana at Monroe School of Pharmacy.

Admission to the School of Pharmacy is competitive with offers being made to the best candidates based upon specific criteria listed in the Admissions Cycle Information. Please be advised that completing the entire process below DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the School of Pharmacy Professional Program.

Early Admissions is designed to capture "high acheivers" who are planning to apply during their third pre-professional year.  Students with high GPAs and PCAT scores are targeted.  This program is open to all students, however, preference is given to in-state students.  Please note the difference in deadline dates for Early Admissions.

Here is why others chose ULM School of Pharmacy . . .

Admissions Cycle Information

Pre-Pharmacy Requirements

Early Admissions Deadlines

  • ALL applications (PharmCAS, ULM and Supplemental) are due by September 3, 2013
  • Notification of admission will occur by October 19, 2013
  • Once interviewed, applicants will either be admitted early or placed on a "wait list" for consideration during the regular admissions cycle.
  • All criteria in the Application Process must be completed.

Regular Admissions Deadlines

  • All applications (PharmCAS, ULM and Supplemental) are due by February 3, 2014.

Application Process

Laptop Recommendations

For More Information Contact

Mrs. Mary Caldwell Mrs. Mary Caldwell, Director
School of Pharmacy
Office of Student and Professional Affairs
1800 Bienville Dr.
Monroe, LA  71201
Phone:  318-342-3800
Fax:  318-342-3802
Email:  caldwell@ulm.edu