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Works displayed in the
13th Annual ULM Juried Student Art Exhibition

April 19 - May 14, 2010  •  Bry Art Gallery

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  • Title: Ol' Carl the Pessimist
  • Title: Seaside Silica
  • Title: Commit to the Moment
  • Title: Broken Windows II
  • Title: Self Portrait on a Bad Hair Day
  • Title: Rewind
  • Title: Praying Fiercely but Gently
  • Title: Dance of the Lampshades
  • Title: Modern Noise
  • Title: Ophelia
  • Title: Sunset at ULM
  • Title: The Maker
  • Title: David’s World
  • Title: Woman “You will Never Catch Me.”</br>Man “The Hell I Won’t.”
  • Title: Knowledge of Life and Death #2
  • Title: Imaginary Instamatic
  • Title: Why Did I Do It? Because they Told me </br>I had to Grow Up and Become an Accountant
  • Title: American Passiveness
  • Title: Transferred Dreams
  • Title: Street Lights
  • Title: Storyville Revisited #2
  • Title: From the Inside Out
  • Title: You’re Not Denali, But He’s Gone Too
  • Title: Human Greed
  • Title: Food For Thought (view one)
  • Title: Food For Thought (view two)
  • Title: Sum of Her Parts
  • Title: Justin Bilbray
  • Title: Untitled
  • Title: Addiction
  • Title: Untitled
  • Title: Biker Chick
  • Title: Y’all Jump in, the Lifeguard’s On Duty
  • Title: Untitled
  • Title: The Audacity of Hope
  • Title: Chaos Engine (Dying Out)
  • Title: Domination
  • Title: Scenic
  • Title: Point of View
  • Title: Hawk
  • Title: Lucky Charm
  • Title: South Korea
  • Title: Blue Ribbon
  • Title: Ribbons of Hope
  • Title: Pocket Watch
  • Title: Untitled
  • Title: Aphrodite
  • Title: Dwellings
  • Title: Convergence
  • Title: No Handrail