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Auxiliary Enterprises


The mission of the Auxiliary Enterprise Administration at the University of Louisiana Monroe is to serve the campus community by providing services, which support campus life for students, faculty, staff, alumni, corporate partners and visitors to the University.

The ULM Office of Auxiliary Enterprise Administration is committed to fostering an environment, which promotes diversity, growth and educational opportunities for our students.

The goal of the ULM Office of Auxiliary Enterprise Administration is to contribute to the strategic mission of the University and enhanced student development through the support of campus housing, campus dining services, University bookstore, and other auxiliary services and facilities.

Guiding Principles

The Office of Auxiliary Enterprise Administration's guiding principles are:

  1. commitment to customer service at all levels;
  2. commitment to ethics and social responsibility at all levels;
  3. understanding the differences in race, gender, physical ability, communication, personality style and each of its impacts;
  4. conformance to State and University Policy & Procedures;
  5. sound and strategic coordination between various auxiliary departments and facilities;
  6. strategic use of new technology to maintain accurate, prompt, and cost-effective service;
  7. logical policy application and interpretation;
  8. efficient operations to help build the balance sheet;
  9. anticipating challenges and staying ahead of the curve;
  10. work production expected to be of the highest quality;
  11. meeting deadlines;
  12. responding quickly and accurately to contract interpretations and questions about service, terms & conditions, responsibilities and billing;
  13. maintaining a deep interest in clients' & customers' interests;
  14. steady support of students' educational & social development; and
  15. unwavering vigilance regarding students' rights.

Because each of these Auxiliary Enterprise divisions serve as important front-doors to the University, clients' perceptions are critical; therefore the efficient functioning of these Auxiliary Enterprise sub-units going forward will greatly impact the long-range future success of the University and is the reason Auxiliary Enterprise staff are held to the highest professional standards.