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Why should I major in RMI?

Remarkable Success of ULM RMI Majors  


Experience all College Has to Offer...

The college experience can be one of the best of our lives. Students who come to ULM can experience that exciting, rewarding campus life and make lasting relationships that they will always cherish. 

...While Preparing for a Remarkable Future

But let's face it, college is mostly about laying the groundwork for your future.  So the degree you get must not only be in a field that excites you, that you have a passion for; it also must prepare you for and help you to secure a great job and career.

What would I do with a degree in RMI?

Which field of RMI suits you best?

  • Brokerage
  • Underwriting
  • Loss Control
  • Claims Adjusting
  • Ratemaking (Actuarial)

The list of opportunities is endless, but one thing is for sure, there are an abundance of them! By 2020, the RMI industry will need to fill 400,000 positions.  Nearly half of the workforce is expected to retire by 2030 and there are more than 2 million people employed in the insurance.  But universities aren't graduating students quickly enough to fill those needs.

At ULM, one of our favorite areas of the insurance business is surplus lines or "specialty insurance".  We like to call it "the fun stuff". Specialty insurance is insurance for risks that are too "risky" for standard insurers to assume.  Its things like oil and gas, technology risks, sports and entertainment risks, property coverage for coastal property and liability coverage for many medical providers.  

More than half of our graduates go to work for either a specialty insurer or a specialty broker or underwriter. These professionals work with independent insurance agents to help owners and managers of high risk exposures manage their risks and allow them to continue to grow their businesses and not be stopped by unknowns. 

To read more about the careers most ULM RMI students choose, take a look at our "Impact of RMI" page.

More great resources on careers and majoring in RMI

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