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School of Allied Health Awards:
Recognition of Excellence

The School of Allied Health Awards Committee is pleased to announce several new awards starting in Spring 2020.

The recognition of excellence provides an opportunity for the School of Allied Health under the College of Health Sciences to recognize the successes and outstanding work of our students, faculty and Alumni. Recipients are formally recognized at an event in April 2020.


Award Descriptions, Eligibility, Application Materials and Scoring Rubrics

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award (docx)

Outstanding Graduate Student Award (docx)

Outstanding Faculty Award (docx)

Outstanding Alumni Award (docx)


Selection Procedure

All eligible nominations for the student and alumni awards will be reviewed by the School of Allied Health (SOAH) Awards Committee, which will select one finalist for each award. All eligible outstanding faculty awards will be reviewed by the SOAH committee along with an invited faculty or staff member outside the College of Health Sciences, which will select the finalist.  Award winners will be notified and invited to attend the April 2020 SOAH Awards where they will receive their awards.


The award recipient, nominator, and award recipients’ program director will be notified regarding the selection by the SOAH Committee by March 31.


Deadline for receipt of nominations and all supporting materials is February 28, 2020.


General Award Application Procedure

1. Please read the descriptions, eligibility, awards submission requirements, and scoring for each award. The different awards require different supporting documentation.

2. Gather required materials.

3. Submit all materials with nomination form in a single PDF file. Letters of support may be scanned.
Fill out an electronic Nomination Form.