Guide to ULM Experts and Speakers

Each year, hundreds of journalists draw on the scholarship and expertise of ULM faculty and staff. The online Media Guide to ULM Experts is designed to help reporters find professors and staff members with the specific expertise needed to enhance their news stories.

While journalists may contact professors directly for interviews, Office of Public Information staff is available at (318) 342-5440 to recommend appropriate experts and help locate them for interviews. Reporters may also e-mail the staff at

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Featured Expert

Noble, Joni Henry

Professor, Art Program
ULM Consortium Director
The Catalyst Study Abroad Program
The Village Study Abroad Program
The British Studies Study Abroad Program
The Compass Program


Guide to ULM Speakers

The directory of speakers has been designed to assist you in securing speakers for your group or organization. Telephone numbers have been listed for each speaker. You may feel free to to contact them directly. In requesting the services of University speakers, we encourage you to plan ahead and call at least three weeks in advance. Also, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The name of your group or organization
  • Type of meeting and size of your group
  • Location of program
  • Date and time speaker is needed
  • Length of program
  • Desired topic

If you are interested in contacting a member of the ULM Athletics Department and coaching staff to speak at an event, please contact the Director of Athletics Media Relations at (318) 342-5463 for availability.


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