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The Kinesiology Program at ULM seeks to provide our students with skills to successfully pursue contemporary careers. With studies concentrated in exercise science, pre-physical therapy, and sport management, our faculty and facilities provide the best possible learning environment. Our CAAHEP certifications for both undergraduate and graduate programs speak to the quality of the education we offer. We welcome potential students to discover ULM.

Choosing Kinesiology
Our Kinesiology program prepare students for exciting careers in the sport, fitness, and health industries, which could include conducting scientific testing in an exercise physiology lab, preparing to enter physical therapy or athletic training graduate programs, working on the business side of sport-related organizations, and entering the fitness and recreation industry at all levels.

Requirements in the Kinesiology Program
With the high quality standards set by the Kinesiology Program, students must be able to meet eligibility requirements, excel in their studies and maintain a "C" or above average in the Kinesiology classes. Therefore, employers can recognize the merit and potential our graduates have to offer.

Program Goal 
The goal of the B.S. in Kinesiology-Exercise Science Concentration program is to educate and prepare students for entry-level positions in careers that include strength and conditioning, exercise, fitness, training, and rehabilitation services. In addition, ULM Kinesiology aims to prepare many undergraduates for further educations in various graduate and professional schools. 

Student Learning Outcomes 

SLO #1: Students will comprehend theories behind the physiological and metabolic responses to exercise and be able to apply and test these theories with various populations in a safe manner.

SLO #2: Students will conduct and interpret exercise testing results and create specific exercise programs for various populations according to age, functional capacity, pre-existing conditions, and desired outcomes.

SLO #3: Students will understand body composition protocols and apply these protocols to body composition assessment with minimal errors. 

SLO #4: Students will apply myriad exercise science theories and concepts with clients in either clinical or professional settings.

News & Bulletins

ULM student and Monroe native accepted into “Perfusionist” program

ULM announces new concentration in sport, fitness, and recreation management

The Kinesiology Program is offering a new concentration for the M.S. in Exercise Science - Sport Management (Courses Available Online). This concentration is designed to appeal to those who wish to work in the business side of sport, fitness and recreation, and not as an instructor or coach.  The careers available in the field of sport, fitness and recreation management are diverse. Opportunities include program or facility directors, marketing and promotions, corporate sales, sporting goods, community programs, athletic directors and business managers, and sport or recreation management. Combined with the worldwide growth and influence of sports on society, new opportunities continue to be created in a variety of settings.


Careers in Kinesiology

Physical fitness, sports, and wellness may be a part of your life, but they can also become your expertise and career. Attain in-depth training in exercise science and the business of sport and fitness, or complete the requirements to apply to a physical therapy doctorate degree.

Graduates in Kinesiology find careers in:

• Personal Training

• Athletic Training

• Sport Business (college, professional, and recreational)

• Cardiac Rehabilitation

• Physical Therapy* (after completing Physical Therapy school)

*Students who are interested in applying to physical therapy schools upon completion of their undergraduate degrees may have their degree program oriented toward admission requirements for the Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy concentration.