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Credit Exams at ULM World Languages

Students who have studied a language for two or more years are strongly encouraged to take a credit or placement exam before beginning their language studies at ULM. The placement exam, given at the beginning of each semester, helps students to determine which courses are most suitable to their backgrounds.

Students who decide to take the departmental placement examination and begin in 1002 or 2005 may apply for credit in courses which they skip if they receive a grade of B or better in the next highest course. Students may also elect to take a departmental credit examination to determine credit for the intermediate level. The credit exam is given during the first two weeks of each term. Students must complete the appropriate form and pay the necessary fee. Students in Latin must take a departmental examination. Students may elect to take the CLEP examination in French or Spanish at the elementary level. Satisfactory completion brings six hours of credit in elementary courses.