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English as a Second Language

International Office staff provide information and assistance regarding University regulations, legal requirements, financial matters, and personal affairs. However, The English as a Second Language program for international students is administered by the Department of World Languages whose telephone number is (318)342-1526 and email rusmith@ulm.ed. Currently, the International Student Office is in the University Library. The number is (318)342-5225, the email is international@ulm.edu.


ESL 1003 Advanced Structure, Grammar, and Composition
ESL 1004 Advanced Reading and Vocabulary
ESL 1006 Advanced Oral Language Development
Until the students have completed the English as a Second Language requirements, advisers in their major areas and faculty in English as a Second Language will monitor their academic progress. 

Documents Required:

International students enrolling as undergraduates must submit the following documents/money before the required date for each semester:

  • Application for admission with the application fee.
  • Statement of financial backing.
  • Confidential health record.
  • ACT scores (if available).
  • Complete and official transcripts of all college/university work or documents showing completion of secondary education if college work has not been attempted.
  • A 2.2 GPA (as determined by the Admissions Office, using a 4.0 scale; foreign student athletes must meet NCAA requirements) for all undergraduate and transfer students.
  • Official TOEFL score of no less than 500.

Documents must be submitted by:

July 1 for fall semester
November 1 for spring semester
April 1 for both summer sessions. 

The Accuplacer Test

A minimum score of 100/250/600 TOEFL score or IELTS score of 7 or above exempts international students from taking English as a Second Language (ESL). International students who scores below the minimum (61-99 on TOEFL or 5.5-6.5 on IELTS) will be required to take a placement test; this requirement also applies to international students whose language of instruction is English. The results will determine the need to enroll in English as a Second Language classes. If the score on the Accuplacer places the student in ESL 1003, the student must enroll in that course in the first semester of classes. Students may appeal to postpone taking 1004 or 1006 for one semester.