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State Travel Office - Note: Questions & exception requests are to be routed through the Travel Program Administrators: Susan Clow, x5122 sclow@ulm.edu and Lara Carlson, x5107 rcarlson@ulm.edu for travel cards/CBA, and Jessica Moore x5112 jmoore@ulm.edu for travel authorizations, advances, and expense reports


Go to the following link for the latest ULM official information: https://www.ulm.edu/coronavirus

March 17, 2020 OST NOTICE -- (NOTE: ULM has prohibited all travel.) Effective immediately and until further notice, all international travel is prohibited. Out-of-State travel, whether by ground transportation or air, must be approved in advance by the Commissioner of Administration and will be evaluated based on business necessity. In-state travel is strongly discouraged and should be denied unless it is essential and there are no other means of conducting business. These restrictions apply to new, as well as all previously approved travel requests.

All requests for consideration by the Commissioner should be sent the Controller's Office and we will forward as necessary.

per Tammy Toups, CPPB, Director of State Travel

Please use this new link to report travel: https://webservices.ulm.edu/webforms/form/online-travel-form

ULM-Travel & Personal Travel COVID-19 Travel Protocol Policy - March 11, 2020

Interim Research Policy during the Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency - March 11, 2020

ULM has cancelled one study abroad program, MBA study abroad program in Hong Kong. Also, ULM cancelled a two-week exchange program with visiting students and faculty members from Japan, along with a scholar from Japan that had a one-year planned stay. The University of Louisiana System has also cancelled a program in Italy.

The University released a revised travel policy (link) that applies to all students, faculty, and staff, with guidelines to follow during University-sponsored travel or personal travel.

Communication regarding the revised travel policy has been sent out. Mr. Shane Dykes, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, is the campus point of contact for this process. Mr. Dykes will regularly provide updates regarding interim coronavirus policies.









Travel Announcements

July 17, 2019 - FY20

The new travel regulations have been published by The Office of State Travel. Please refer to the new 2019-2020 PPM-49 for complete updates, changes, and regulations. The 2019-2020 PPM-49 is effective July 1, 2019. Following is the direct PPM-49 link, which is posted on the Controller’s Travel Website ( https://www.ulm.edu/controller/travel.html ):


*Changes to FY19-20 State Travel Policy are noted on page 1 and 2.

The exemption to utilize personal cards for individual travel has been renewed for FY20.

For individual travel State Cards are still required for in state vehicle rentals, for prospective employees, and other visitors. We also encourage the use for airfare for individual travel.

We have updated the forms for the:

Travel Authorization: https://webservices.ulm.edu/forms/content/travel-authorization-new-fy19-updated-7272018-doc

Travel Advance: https://webservices.ulm.edu/forms/content/travel-advance-request-updated-732018-doc

Travel Expense: https://webservices.ulm.edu/forms/content/travel-expense-form-updated-7172018-xls

Special Meals: https://webservices.ulm.edu/forms/content/special-meals-form-still-being-updated-do-not-use-yet-doc

Please view our website at:



Some key points in the PPM-49:

Please contact Susan Clow (x5122), Lara Carlson (x5107), or Jessica Moore (x5112) with questions.

Office of State Travel -- Section 1506 Lodging, now has new rates for Tier 1 and Tier II which are officially part of the State of Louisiana Travel Guide PPM 49 2018-2019.  These changes will be effective immediately.  All other tiers remain the same.

     Tier Sheet Link: https://www.ulm.edu/controller/documents/tierchargelimits-fy19.pdf

Shelita Woods, State Travel Manager, Division of Administration, Office of State Travel


The section below is now officially part of the State of Louisiana Corporate Liability “Travel Card /CBA Policy and LaCarte” Purchasing Card/CBA Policy. 

Merchants may include a surcharge or convenience fee. VISA and MasterCard have strict merchant guidelines governing the assessment of surcharge fees:

For any charge where the Supplier has charged a surcharge, a cardholder or user should obtain a copy of the acknowledgment letter sent to the Supplier by Visa authorizing the Supplier to impose a surcharge as part of their supporting documentation.

Convenience Fees are charged as a flat fee (regardless of the total cost) when purchases are made via one form of payment channel over another – online or by phone vs. in store or by mail.

The decision to use a State Travel Card/CBA on a purchase that will incur a surcharge or convenience fee should be based on rare and extenuating circumstances such as no other form of payment is accepted, timeliness of payment to avoid late fees, urgency of the needed item or services, lack of other vendors, etc. Agencies are required to carefully evaluate the necessity of the State Travel/CBA Card transactions which are subject to surcharge or convenience fees.

Shelita Woods, State Travel Manager, Division of Administration, Office of State Travel

Effective July 24, 2017, State of Louisiana has been assigned a new Card Account Specialist. Her name is Sharon Olney-Hill. Pat Roberson retired. Below is Sharon's and her back-up contact information:

Sharon Olney-Hill: email address dedicated_card_east@bankofamerica.com 888.715.1000 Ext. 22122

Shannon Lee: email address dedicated_card_east@bankofamerica.com 888.715.1000 Ext 22123

Shelita Woods, State Travel Manager, Division of Administration, Office of State Travel

Additional security measures for international flights to the U.S.

Beginning later this week, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will require additional security measures for all international flights to the United States.

These measures include enhanced screening of travelers, as well as heightened screening of electronic devices larger than a standard smartphone. Travelers may need to remove these devices from their protective cases or outer packaging for inspection.

For international flights, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends arriving at the airport at least three hours before your flight, allowing time for the additional security measures.

Our top priority is the safety of our customers and employees, and we will continue to work with DHS to comply with the new security directive. For more information and to read a fact sheet about the new directive, please visit the DHS website.

The travel guidelines require that in-state vehicle rentals (for all travel) and out-of-state vehicle rentals (for group travel) be charged to a state card. This new website will allow the state CBA account (Controlled Billing Account) to be charged directly each time a vehicle is returned to Enterprise. Enterprise will no longer directly bill the University, so it is important that this website be used for vehicle rentals in order for the University to more easily comply with the state travel requirements. Training for the use of this website was provided on May 6th and May 7th.

Important items to note:

Please contact our office with any questions.
Thank you, Nicole Walker, CPA, MBA, CGMA, Controller
University of Louisiana Monroe, phone: (318) 342-1040, fax: (318) 342-5103

Hotels have brought to our attention that travelers staying at hotels in the State of Louisiana are not presenting their tax exemption form. Hotels will begin charging in-state taxes and the employee will be responsible for reimbursement if the tax exemption form was not presented at time of check-in. Please advise all necessary personnel immediately. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Shelita Woods, Office of State Travel

Travel Advances/Expense Reports and Check Requests:

Please make every effort to send or deliver the Travel Advances/Expense Reports and Check Requests by the Friday, 11:30 a.m. deadline to Coenen Hall Room 103 so they may be stamped before being distributed to the proper processor. We are working very diligently and expediently to process all payments in a timely manner. It is our goal for all completed requests that have been received in Accounts Payable by Friday, 11:30 a.m. to be processed in the check run for the following week; however, incomplete Receivers and/or incorrect/incomplete Travel Advances / Expense Reports will delay payment. No travel expenses will be paid through Check Requests and you must submit your PRIOR travel authorizations for ALL out-of-state travel and in-state conferences.

In order to verify if payment has been made, first access FAIVNDH in Banner and check Vendor History. However, due to the high volume received in AP, please allow two weeks before making an inquiry to AP, preferably by email, as to why payment has not been made.

Questions should be directed as follows:

Travel – Travel & Expense Analyst - Jessica Moore jmoore@ulm.edu

We appreciate your cooperation, patience, and adherence in these procedures.

We will inform you of the training sessions once the dates have been determined.

Nicole Walker, CPA, MBA, Controller; University of Louisiana Monroe; Phone: (318) 342-1040; Fax: (318) 342-5103