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FlightPath is ULM's online advising and degree audit system. The name "Flightpath" represents the ULM Warhawk path to graduation. It was developed by ULM Information Technology's Web Programming group, with help from the Banner Programming group and support from the Student Success Center and the Office of Academic Affairs.

Students can log into FlightPath and see their degree plans, courses they have already completed, earned grades and credits, and more. Students can also use the "What-If" feature to see how their current credits could apply to other degrees, should they decide to change majors. Advisors can use FlightPath to aid in the advising process.

To access the Flightpath system you will log into the myULM portal.


myULM (ULM Portal System)

See the link: myULM Security Information*

*information on setting up your log in security

myULM is a single entry point for all of ULM's campus systems; email, student messaging, flightpath, SPAM filtering, news, calendars and more.

Log in to myULM using your email username and password. Your username is the first part of your campus email address (example: username@warhawks.ulm.edu or username@ulm.edu). When inside myULM (my.ulm.edu), it is recommended that you use the navigation buttons and links on the page itself rather than the forward and back buttons in your web browser.
Sign Out when leaving myULM or any campus system you may be logged into.


VPN - Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network, allowing employees to securely connect to on-campus systems. Useful for connecting remotely to online systems that are otherwise available only if you are on the campus network. For information, see the following PDFs.

How to enable Remote Desktop Windows 10 -requires VPN

How to enable Remote Desktop Windows 7 -requires VPN

How to use Remote Desktop Connection -requires VPN

How to use Remote Desktop Connection Mac to PC -requires VPN

ULM VPN on Android Device

ULM VPN on iOS Device


ULM VPN on Windows 10



Web Programming & Content

Web Programming: From time to time, web-based applications are developed to address specific university needs. The development of these applications can be resource intensive and therefore reviewed carefully prior to initiating a project.

If you have a particular project you wish to request of us, please use the Helpdesk ticket system to make your request. Provide a brief synopsis of the project goal as well as justification or "need" for the application. Assign your ticket to the "web development" group.

Web Content: Web content is updated by various departments and individuals. Contact the specific web contributor or the university webmaster for service. If you are unsure who to contact, enter a Helpdesk ticket.

Link to the Helpdesk Ticket System