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ULM Student Printing FAQ and Policy

At the University of Louisiana at Monroe, student printing is funded through the Student Technology Access Plan (STAP). Thus since printing is funded by STAP for the given semester, only actively, enrolled students taking classes are allowed to print.

Printing is controlled using the PaperCut NG system, aptly named myPrint on the ULM campus. Every student is allotted 300 print credits at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Credits are added to the Students' accounts around midnight Saturday night of each week at a rate of 150 credits per week with a maximum credit limit of 300 (ie, start the week with 300, use 75, only 75 will be added back).

Note: We continue to investigate a plan to allow students an e-commerce option to purchase more print credits.

The cost of printing is as follows:

The cost of printing 1 impression (1 single-sided page) is calculated based on the costs of the printer, toner, maintenance kits, repair, and paper.

Use of personal or specialized paper is not allowed.

To conserve your printing quota in a manner that will benefit you academically, printing is intended for your personal, academic use only. Absolutely no printing for personal gain; you therefore should refrain from using your printing quota for non-University purposes.

Please review your print job before printing to avoid unwanted blank sheets or other errors. You will be charged for these pages and no refunds will be approved for these errors. Refunds will be reviewed before they are approved. Refunds are issued for problems due to defective equipment, i.e. paper jams or toner smears that will deem it unacceptable to turn in for academic grading. These types of problems should be directed to the computer lab assistant. Please allow 24 hours for the refund to be reviewed during normal working days. Requests submitted during the weekend will be reviewed on Monday.


Mobile Printing

Printing from a personal device is allowed. This can be done be done via the web browser at myprint.ulm.edu. You will log in with your myULM username and password and then click on Web Print. The allowed formats are Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Adobe PDF, and picture files. This Web Print service is only available for black/white printing, and will automatically be duplexed. The documents will then be uploaded to the server and can be released at any print release station or myPrint kiosk on campus.  All documents expire after 12 hours and will be deleted.  There is not a cost to your print credits for deleted print jobs.

- this information last updated 08/23/2017