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Email: See Office 365 Help for detailed information. ULM offers the Office 365 suite of software for students, faculty and staff.



SPAM Filter: The Spam Firewall is a mechanism designed to reduce the amount of junk mail that enters an email inbox. If you are looking for missing messages, check your SPAM/Quarantine area. This is available in the myULM portal under "Campus Systems" as appropriate for the user type.

Are you expecting emails in your campus account that you are not receiving?
See the SPAM FILTER "HOW TO" to check your spam filter and release messages.

Are you not receiving emails in a BIZMAIL account?
For those responsible for BIZMAIL accounts, see BIZMAIL SPAM FILTER "HOW TO"

For more information about SPAM/Quarantine, see SPAM Filter information.



Avoid Email Phishing Scams: Learn more to protect yourself, see Phishing information.




TIP: You will never receive an email from the ULM staff (which includes, but not limited to, Information Technology, HR, the president's office, etc...) that requests your password or other confidential information via email.  This includes any and all emails that ask for your email login credentials, Banner or Moodle passwords, etc...  If you receive any emails stating you need to immediately change your password, either by sending the information electronically, or visiting another website, it is false and not to be trusted.  Even if that email is from someone at ULM, it is not a valid email and should not be taken seriously."