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Computer Labs

Open-Access Online Computer Labs (Academic Buildings)

-this list does not include residence hall labs-

All Dell computers have Windows 10 LTSB with Office 2019 Professional Plus or Office365. All Mac computers have at least OS X v11 Big Sur with Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365. Labs marked with a (*) features a myPrint release station.

Note: These labs may have specific software related to various academic programs. Lab availability may change. Other curriculum specific computers/labs, in addition to the labs listed below, may also be available within various departments.


Department /College Affiliation

Bienville 126*


Bry 204

Art Dept Visual Arts

CNSB 220


Hanna 333*


Hemphill 221*

College of Business

Nursing 236*

Nursing School

Stubbs 146*

Art / Visual Arts

Student Success Center*

Student Success Center

University Library*

University Library

Walker 2-95*


Walker 3-50*

Foreign Language

Walker 3-87*

Write Place



ULM Open-Access Online Computer Labs (Residence Halls)

-this list does not include labs in academic buildings-

The computers in the residence halls have Windows 10 LTSB with Office 2019 Professional Plus or Office 365. There are myPrint kiosks located in the residence halls that are marked with a ^. If your residence hall does not have a myPrint kiosk, you may upload your documents to the myPrint print queue online and release your job at any of the labs listed above that have a (*) or at any campus myPrint kiosk.

Residence Hall

# of Computers


Bayou Village Suites^

4 PCs

1st Floor

Commons #1

4 PCs

2nd floor

Commons #2

4 PCs

2nd floor


4 PC's

Dorm Lobby


4 PC's

Dorm Lobby


4 PC's

Dorm Lobby


ULM myPrint Release Kiosks

The list below lists the locations of the myPrint Release Kiosks that are located around campus and in the residential halls. You will need to go to myprint.ulm.edu to upload your document in one of the supported formats to use the kiosks.

Building/Hall with myPrint Release Kiosk

University Library (3rd floor)

HUB (1st floor)

Walker Hall (1st floor front lobby)

Masur Hall

Madison Hall

Ouachita Hall

Bayou Village Suites


Computer Labs with Webcams

Construction Building: CNST124 & CNST127

Hanna Hall: HANNA 315 & HANNA 322

Hemphill Hall: HMPH203 & HMPH221

Student Success Center: STSC102 & STSC144

University Library: ULIB201 & ULIB335

Walker Hall: WLKR 1129, WLKR 295 & WLKR 351