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College of Pharmacy

Business Office

The College of Pharmacy business office is located in Bienville 102.  This area is responsible for all aspects of ordering and reimbursement for the College of Pharmacy.

The information below applies to General Fund accounts, Grant Fund accounts and Endowment accounts. 

Bulk chemicals, such as large drums of solvents, etc, are NOT to be ordered due to storage and safety concerns.  Please order quantities sufficient for experimental purposes only.  The business office will not accept delivery of such orders.

Ordering Procedures

  1. Determine the item(s) and price(s) to be ordered and the vendor of choice.
  2. Access the College of Pharmacy Purchase Requisition
  3. Complete the COP Purchase Requisition and submit it to the Business Office by emailing it to
  4. The Business Office will complete the ULM Purchase Requisition form and return it to the ordering party for approval and signature
  5. Signed ULM Purchase Requisition is submitted to the ULM Purchasing Office
  6. All receivables are delivered to the Business Office.  Notification of order receipt will be by telephone or email.  The ordering party is then responsible for picking up the order in the Business Office.
  7. The ordering party is responsible for checking the correctness of the order as soon as possible after receipt.  Any discrepancies must be reported to the Business Office immediately and they will contact the vendor to resolve the problem.
  8. It is the responsibility of each individual involved in ordering supplies and equipment in the College of Pharmacy to read the understand the policies and procedures of the ULM Purchasing Office.